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Welcome to the Spectral Mass.

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10PM - 2AM.
110 Turf Club Road.

Online Registration is closed. There will be limited door tickets at $30, come early to claim. Door opens at 9.45 PM, first act begins at 10PM. Follow @ bussytemple on Instagram to be updated on tickets.

 While we welcome everyone, this is a queer event that prioritizes trans, non-binary, and fem bodies. If you are not from the community, we would like you to reflect more on why you'd like to come to specifically this party before coming. 

All payment of sums is a donation that will be applied to pay for the venue, DJs, VJs, and performers, as well as to create more queer-friendly spaces for the community in the future.

Music will strictly be a spectrum of Techno. 

See you at the Spectral Mass.

If you have further questions feel free to DM @bussytemple and follow us there for more updates.